OpenText Hightail

Privacy policy update

Mike Trigg

November 5, 2014

We recently updated our Privacy Policy and want to ensure you are aware of what’s changed. You can find the full policy here, while this post highlights what’s new and different.


  • Hightail is now certified by Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross Border Privacy Rules System, but now that we’re buddies we can call them APEC CBPR.
  • Our global privacy certifications now cover all our apps as well as our website.

Info collected by Hightail 

  • Our apps may send you push notifications on occasion, which involves collecting information about your operating system and other details. You can turn off these notifications if you wish (though we’ll ensure that they’re always useful so hopefully you won’t want to.)
  • If you log in to Hightail or import contacts using OpenID providers like Facebook Connect or Gmail, a new subsection Social connectors outlines our policy on this.
  • Previously, our policies around Information collected by third parties were scattered across various sections. They’re now gathered in one appropriately titled subsection with some minor tweaks for extra clarity.

How we use and share information

  • Here we just added “email delivery” to the types of service providers we use and made a minor language edit about Retention and deletion of your information. Both of these changes are intended to give you extra clarity.

That’s it. Legal talk over. We can all relax now.