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Meet the Hightail Spaces testers


May 21, 2015

In the months prior to yesterday’s official release of Hightail Spaces, we tested the product with a small group of creative professionals, including filmmakers, designers, publishers and more. Though we had our own ideas about how our product could solve the challenges people faced when engaged in creative collaboration, we wanted to see how those theories stacked up in the real world.

Let’s meet a few of our testers and see how their creative workflow benefited from Hightail Spaces.

Cinema Mercantile logoThe filmmaker

Mike Collins is a director and cinematographer at Cinema Mercantile Motion Pictures, a collective of filmmakers that celebrates small, independent, craft-based businesses. Having used Hightail to share large video files with remote editors, we asked Mike to try Spaces. He was impressed with the results, saying:

“With the added functionality of being able to upload, view and, most importantly, comment on video, Hightail Spaces has become the newest tool in my utility belt.”

He’s even recommended us to his Twitter network:

Mike Collins tweet

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Mike Collins video Space


The publisher

Genlux logoStephen Kamifuji is Creative Director at luxury fashion and philanthropy magazine, Genlux. Though he used another provider to share large design and image files with photographers, retouchers, designers and editorial staff, Stephen agreed to try Hightail Spaces during the creation of the magazine’s latest issue. After it had gone to press, Stephen sent us this message:

“We’ve completed our first publication using Hightail Spaces and love it. The time it saves in back-and-forth changes between editorial staff and the design team is immense. It’s a brilliant addition to our publishing workflow.”

He also provided some great feedback on tweaks he’d like to see, especially around using Spaces on mobile devices. We’ll be implementing his suggestions in our upcoming iOS and Android app releases.

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Genlux magazine spread in Spaces


The designer

Psyops logoRod Cavazos is a Type Designer at PSY/OPS Type Foundry and his tight-knit team of three are always providing feedback on each other’s work. However, this usually occurs in email where you lose context of the work being discussed or in Dropbox, which Rod describes as “a tennis match” because you can’t work on a single document at the same time.

Rod’s team liked Hightail Spaces straight away and he describes it as “as cool, quick-response tool. I like how feedback is immediate and that you can pinpoint your comments in context of an image. It’s great for working with internal and external teams.”

Rod also provided some great suggestions for new features, like showing who has access to a Space and the ability to categorize or tag Spaces. We’ll definitely be looking at these ideas as we continue to develop the product.

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Psyops Armature Neue Pro


Hightail Spaces is a beta release and we’re constantly working on ways to make it a complete and useful creative collaboration tool. We’d love to hear what you think, so head to and start using it for free. You can leave your feedback here.

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  1. stephen kamifuji

    4 years ago

    Hey, thanks for including me in on your launch! HighTailSpaces is a great tool.

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