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How Hightail stays healthy


October 30, 2013

Finding time to break a sweat is becoming a commodity. By the time you wake up for work, attend all your meetings, get through loads of email and trek through post-work traffic to get home, the last thing anyone wants to do is to get up again and exercise.  A new CareerBuilder study has found that

“more than half (55 percent) of workers consider themselves to be overweight, while 41 percent have gained weight at their present jobs.”

Exercise has become an afterthought at best and a luxury for most. So here at Hightail, we have made it a point to find ways to make living a healthy lifestyle that much easier.

Eat better

Too often what you eat for lunch depends on what’s most convenient, like that burger joint around the corner from your office. At Hightail, we designate one day, every week where the entire company is treated to a delicious and healthy lunch.

“We spend most of our time at work and many people get so wrapped up in meetings that they don’t have time to go out and eat a good lunch,” said Facilities Manager, Julie Zech. “We want to provide healthy options that people will actually want to eat, as it helps balance your work day and sets you up for good eating when you get home.”

These weekly lunches are catered by a variety of places, from Jillbees, who make all their food fresh in their kitchen everyday using sustainable products, to Eat Club, which allows each individual employee to choose their own meal. Having this weekly meal together does more than just serve our bellies, but also helps with our mental health and gives us a chance to relax and share a meal with one another, while hearing the latest company updates.

Healthy snacks

blog2Everyone has that “go-to” snack that they love to, whether it’s Cheez-its, Pop Tarts or trail mix. At Hightail, we want to satisfy all tastes while still thinking healthy, so snacks like Chex Mix, raw almonds and cereals are stored in bulk containers as opposed to packets, which helps with portion control.

Every month a new snack (sometimes healthy, sometimes indulgent) is introduced and popular opinion decides whether it will stick around or get kicked to the compost.

Let’s work out, together

Working out is so much easier when you have a buddy next to you. A recent NPR report quoted Dr. Toni Yancey of UCLA, who says that exercising with a crowd is easier and often “even short exercise breaks will entice people to adopt healthier lifestyles — better diets and exercise — over the long run.” Working at Hightail gives you plenty of opportunities to share your work out woes with a colleague and even make it fun.

Frankie Priolo, our Facilities Coordinator, provides an open invitation to his cardio workout every afternoon for anyone who needs a workout partner or could use that little extra push. For those interested in high-intensity work out (HIIT), cross-fit or circuit training, Frankie is Hightail’s physical educator, inspiration and motivator.

The official Hightail softball team gives us a chance to bond outside of work while also getting physical and is a great way to build relationships with people from different department through a shared love of bats, balls and crushing the competition. Our softball bond is so strong that Team Hightail even made it to playoffs.


Aside from softball, we are also starting a soccer team and even a yoga club.

Health fairs

Health fairs are also a great way to educate and inform people about their mental and physical health. “It’s important to have a day dedicated to thinking about your health. We have vendors come on site so that it’s easier for everyone to access all the perks. People don’t have time to do things like seek out nutritional information or get flu shots, so we bring it to them,” said Hightail’s HR Specialist Danielle Maino.

This year’s fair included nutritionists, massages, Grand Rounds (an expert second opinion medical company), on-site juicing and subsidized Fit Bits.


Change may not come in just one day but we hope these steps help guide people down the path to a long and healthy lifestyle. Arming our employees with tools like healthier food options and Fit Bits help keep nutrition and health top of mind without even realizing it. The healthier we are in the body, the healthier we are in the mind and the more efficiently we work.

What are some of the ways that you stay healthy at your job?