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Hightail Terms of Service update: September 2016

Mike Trigg

September 9, 2016

Woo…hoo. A Terms of Service update, how exciting…am I right? Guys? Guys? Where did everyone go?

OK, we get that nobody is very interested in reading Terms of Service agreements but because this stuff does matter, we wanted to let you know about our recent update (the full text is here) and highlight a few of the key changes.

If things get too boring, take a short break by looking at this cute baby elephant.

Terms of Service update baby elephant

Automatic renewals
All paid subscriptions will automatically renew for the same time period at the end of your original subscription. So if you’re on a monthly plan, you’ll be renewed for another month automatically, while annual users will be renewed for another year. Naturally, you can give us advance notice that you don’t want to renew (30 days required for annual plans, 10 days for a monthly subscription).

Inactive accounts
If you use Hightail’s free service and have not accessed your account for 12 or more months, we may deem it an inactive account and delete your files. We will, of course, email you advance notification about this.

Termination of account
We reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate your service at any time, while you also have the right to cancel your account whenever you like. Termination will result in your data being deleted, so we always recommend backing up your files elsewhere.

That wasn’t too painful now was it. Now have one more look at that cute little elephant and then get out of here.