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Make external collaboration easy with Hightail for SharePoint


June 19, 2014

With 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint, the product is one of the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in the world. Microsoft boasts that one in every five knowledge workers now has access to Microsoft SharePoint. But even with these impressive stats, research shows people find SharePoint inherently difficult to adopt and use. We developed Hightail for SharePoint to help your team collaborate externally without disrupting their workflows. In addition, our latest product provides complete security and control over content, so your team can truly make the most out of your investment in SharePoint.

Collaborate externally with ease

External collaboration is tough. SharePoint was designed for internal collaboration, not sharing beyond the corporate firewall. Users find it time consuming and difficult to do any type of external collaboration, which involves giving partners domain accounts on the Microsoft security domain, plus numerous other steps. Hightail for SharePoint gives users the power to easily share content with partners, consultants and others beyond their company firewall. Project files of any kind or size can be sent directly to external parties from their SharePoint Documents Library. To send project files right from SharePoint:

  • Visit any of the sites for which Hightail for SharePoint solution has been deployed
  • Select a document from within the Documents Library, and then send the content from the top ribbon, or right-click menu next to the document.
  • Click Send, and choose Hightail’s file security options to protect your content

Share securely using Hightail right from SharePoint

Better security, oversight and control

As we mentioned, external collaboration is tough using SharePoint. According to a 2013 Forrester Research report, 62 percent of users simply do not like the SharePoint experience. As such, users often find alternate, unsecure ways to send documents to external parties. This poses a threat to IT, as company data is extremely sensitive. Hightail for SharePoint gives users control, while providing IT with oversight on any collaboration that takes place from SharePoint. This ensures enterprise content stays secure, even if it leaves your organization.

  • End user controls: Users have the ability to enforce controls on their shared content so they know who is accessing their files and when. These controls include password protection, file expiration, verify recipient identity and return receipt. By clicking on Track, users can see their download history for a specific file they sent – e.g. who downloaded it, when was it downloaded, etc.

Externally send files securely with Hightail for SharePoint

  • IT oversight: All SharePoint collaboration shows up in an administrator’s Hightail Usage Report, which is accessible from the easy-to-read admin dashboard. This report gives admins insight into how users are collaborating using Hightail for SharePoint so remedial actions can be taken if needed.

Hightail for SharePoint usage report

Boost productivity

End users have a hard time adopting SharePoint because of its inherently complex and steep learning curve. “[SharePoint] remains a tool that people are required to use, not one they want to use,” said Gartner Research Vice President Jeffrey Mann at a symposium in 2013. Because the product is difficult to adopt, users waste valuable time learning how to use the product or finding workarounds. Hightail for SharePoint keeps users productive because there is no need to switch between multiple applications in order to share large files. Instead, Hightail integrates right into SharePoint, minimizing any disruptions. Because our integration is so simple, your users won’t need to search for workarounds to help solve their collaboration problems.
Track your sent files with Hightail for Sharepoint

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Hightail opens up content locked away in SharePoint to be accessed across different applications. The Hightail mobile app (iOS) puts SharePoint content at the users’ fingertips to be accessed at any time. Content stored within Hightail is also accessible within enterprise apps like Outlook, Salesforce and NetSuite, making content flow easily across different divisions of the enterprise. This increases user productivity and gets projects completed faster.

Hightail for SharePoint solves one of the biggest pain points of SharePoint admins by giving end users an easy, secure way to collaborate externally. Deploying Hightail for SharePoint keeps users productive and happy and lets IT rest easy — all while maximizing their investment in SharePoint. Contact us to get Hightail for SharePoint