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Hightail illustrations: 2015 part 4

Colm Larkin

January 6, 2016

Each week we email our regular Hightail users with product information, offers and holiday greetings. These messages frequently feature an illustration created by the talented, Luke Bott. Here’s a look back at the images we shared over the final three months of 2015.

Passwords illustration by Luke Bott

Our speakeasy dreams came true in this illustration promoting our password protection feature.

Hightail baseball image by Luke Bott

As baseball season reached the playoffs in October, Luke knocked it out of the park with this illustration.

Hightail Halloween by Luke Bott

For the past three years, we’ve celebrated Halloween with a gore-filled guessing game. Can you name the modern horror movies referenced in this illustration?

Expiration dates illustration by Luke Bott

This email will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…1. Love the cotton swab laser.

Diwali illustration by Luke Bott

Celebrating the Indian festival of lights with this special Diwali illustration.

Hightail recommends business books

A simple update to our tax code illustration from April helped promote this blog post about business books.

Thanksgiving card design by Luke Bott
A creative twist to our Thanksgiving message as we say thanks to all our users.

2015 collaborations illustration by Luke Bott

Many hands make light work of this illustration promoting our seven favorite creative collaborations of the year.

Winter scene illustration by Luke Bott

Our happy holidays message completed a quartet of seasonal landscape images created throughout the year. Check out all four together.

New Year's resolution illustration by Luke Bott

We help you live up to your new year’s resolution with a roundup of our best productivity posts from 2015.

Keep an eye on your inbox or follow us on Twitter to keep up with our illustrations for 2016. Check out Luke’s Bott website for more great art.