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Hightail in Australia and New Zealand


December 12, 2013

Considering the fact that over 60% of our users are outside of the US, it was only natural for us to begin expanding our Hightail team overseas. We have started with hiring employees in western Europe and Asia Pacific and will continue this international trend as we expand our global footprint. We were excited to learn that Australia and New Zealand have become one of our fastest growing markets! Here are some cool stats on how they use Hightail.

Hightail in Australia and New Zealand

Read about all the languages and currencies you can use with Hightail in our latest post on international expansion. Also you can learn more about our enterprise offering on the Hightail website or call our reps in Australia at 1800 587 363 or +61(0)3 9982 4618 or email us at


  1. Naomi

    5 years ago

    I assume there was great celebration with vegemite and marmite canapés?

  2. Kevin

    5 years ago

    Vegemite canapés…now there is a very scary thought! I may try some out on the family for Christmas Day – washed down with generous lashings of VB.,,,,or should that be Hightail Ale (from microbrewery Goat Beer in Melbourne)

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