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We’re #HighlyInspired by: Eleonore Constant


September 3, 2014

Hightail is celebrating our favorite photography on our #HighlyInspired Tumblr page. This month’s guest artist is LA-based Eleonore Constant. We chatted to her about taking photos on her phone, always being curious and living in the present moment. 

eleonore contant

How did you first get into photography?

One day when I was about seven years old, my mom asked me to take a picture of her. She thought the picture looked great and that’s how I started taking photos. The more I took, the more addicted I got. I also really enjoy learning and practicing to get better at what I do.

Who is your biggest photography inspiration?

I usually try to find inspiration in whatever surrounds me. So when I go on a walk, I try to be mindful and if I feel inspired by something, I take a photo of it. I also love the work of these LA photographers: Pete Halvorsen and Dylan Schwartz.

Describe your style of photography

I have no idea how to describe my style but all my photos are taken and edited using an iPhone.

Why do you like shooting at the beach?

I like the beach and the ocean. They are powerful and calming. Being there helps me live in the present moment and forget about negative things.

Describe your ideal vacation?

My ideal vacation would be if I could maintain an ideal state of mind. No matter where you are, if you are at peace with yourself, you can enjoy life at its fullest. You could be in the most beautiful place in the world and still have the worst vacation if you are in a bad state of mind.

What else inspires you?

I don’t know where my inspiration comes from. I have always been very creative, whether I’m coming up with new business ideas or creating something with my hands. I am curious, I ask a lot of questions and I try to look at what surrounding me as if I was still a child.

Where can we see your work next?  

You can see my work on Instagram and Tumblr. I’m also on Twitter and I create huge playlists of songs I like on Soundcloud.