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Friday’s favorite things: November 20th

Colm Larkin

November 20, 2015

Every Friday we round up some of our favorite finds on the web, from illustrations and videos to fonts and photography. This week, we salivated over creative cakes.

What goes up…
Doesn’t necessarily come down when you’re creative caker, Laura Loukaides. Her gravity-defying chocolate creation is more than a little mind-bending, but that still wouldn’t stop us eating it.

Cake design by Laura Loukaides

What immortal hand or eye
Zoe Fox, aka Sweet Foxylicious, dares frame the tiger’s fearful symmetry…as a cake. What would Blake think? Another slice please, perhaps.

Cake design by Sweet Foxylicious


Let them eat cask
A vintage creation for the cake connoisseur by Maryland bakery, Touche Touchet. 1974 was a great year for cake. What are we saying? Every year is a great year for cake.

Cake design by Touche Touchet

Have you got a cake creation you’d like to share? Add your links in the comments section below or feel free to turn up at our office with some samples.

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