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Friday’s favorite things: March 25th

Ashkon Hamidieh

March 25, 2016

Every Friday we round up some of our favorite finds on the web, from illustrations and videos to fonts and photography. This week, we enjoyed wonderful pics of the Big Apple by some very talented photographers.

Cassidy Curtis is an animator, developer, photographer and film maker living in the San Francisco / Bay Area. He also happens to be a graffiti enthusiast, which took him to see 5 Pointz in NYC before it was torn down in 2014. During his visit, he was able to capture this vibrant view of NYC from the 5 Pointz rooftop.

5 Pointz, The Institution of Higher Burning, Cassidy Curtis, Photography, NYC, NYC Photography

Icing sugar
Professional travel photographer, Vivienne Gucwa, found her passion for photography by simply walking through her home city of New York, a place from which she draws great inspiration. She harbors a dreamy, fantastical view of the city which is on full display in this incredible picture of an icy winter day.

Icing Sugar, NYC, Snow Day, NYC Photography, Vivienne Gucwa

Inception reflection
Trey Ratcliff is a self-proclaimed warm-hearted, old-school gentleman who also happens to be one of New Zealand’s finest photographers. Being from a small town in NZ, he found himself gaping up at all the big buildings during his travels to New York City. It was exactly that which lead to this cool photo of an unbelievable reflection.

Inception Reflection, Trey Ratcliff, Photography, NYC, Big Apple

Have you seen any creative photos of New York City you’d like to share? Add your links in the comments section below.

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