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Friday’s favorite things: June 26th

Rowyn Van Miltenburg

June 26, 2015

Every Friday we round up some of our favorite finds on the web this week, from illustrations and videos to fonts and photography.

Illustration vacation
Owen Gatley’s travel-themed illustrations will inspire your next vacation. The English artist has a plethora of work, but those featuring beaches or maps make you want to escape your everyday life. Check out Twitter and Instagram for more of his illustrations.



Childish photography
Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada’s favorite subjects to photograph are his sons, Haru and Mina. He captures the two young boys doing their everyday activities, from climbing trees to playing in the snow to walking to school. The whimsical nature of the photographs perfectly captures the spontaneity and innocence that comes with childhood. Check out more photos of Haru and Mina here, and take a look at more of Hamada’s work on flickr and Instagram.



Alphabetical animals
English artist Alice Pattullo uses a unique pastel color palette in many of her illustrations, including those of animals around the world. She illustrated twenty-six animals – one for each letter of the alphabet. From the armadillo to the moth to the zebra, Pattullo’s illustrations include the animals’ common names as well as their scientific names. Check out all of the animals here and follow her blog for more fabulous illustrations.

abcanimal abcanimal1


What did you see this week that grabbed your attention? Feel free to share your favorite finds in the comments section below.

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