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Friday’s favorite things: July 29th

Colm Larkin

July 29, 2016

Every Friday we round up some of our favorite finds on the web, from illustrations and videos to fonts and photography. This week we focused on the phenomenon that is adult coloring books.

It’s the end of the world and we color it
Minnesota-based writer, artist and self-proclaimed “coloring book tycoon”, Theo Nicole Lorenz has released two hilariously off-beat coloring books, The Robot’s Guide to Love and The Apocalypse. We particularly love the latter for its mutated animals, tie-wearing robot overlords and magnificent Mad Max references.

Theo Nicole Lorenz Apocalypse adult coloring book

Color like Katerina
Canadian artist Katerina Mertikas is renowned for the bold color choices of her illustration work. Now you can emulate her style or even give her images of children playing a more muted palette with her book, Colour Like Katerina Mertikas.

Katerina Mertikas adult coloring book

To boldly go where no adult coloring book has gone before
It’s a natural step for comic book publishers to step into the adult coloring book world. In October, Dark Horse Comics will release books featuring some of its big-name properties, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity and Star Trek (original series and Next Generation).

Dark Horse Comics Star Trek adult coloring book

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