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Coffee with: Mark Mua


December 13, 2013

Mark Mua Hightail employee head shotName: Mark Mua
Hometown: Alfreton, Derbyshire (England)
College: University of Sunderland
Title: Sales Rep

Mark Mua joins the Hightail team all the way from the UK. We caught up with him to talk about his journey before Hightail and learn about a few of his favorite things.

Ofunne Okwudiafor: What got you interested in sales?
Mark Mua: I basically saw an opportunity and went for it! Prior to working in sales, I worked in print production/account management. Print production is in decline, so I decided to change gears and seize the opportunity to work in the cloud business.

OO: What were you doing before Hightail?
MM: I have experience working in collaboration software for financial services as well as experience in the oil and gas industry.

OO: What gets you pumped up and ready to go every morning?
MM: My 2 year old – he “wakes” me up with a kiss every morning.

OO: I can’t live without my ________________?
MM: Espresso in the morning

OO: What made you decide Hightail was for you?
MM: I was intrigued by all of exciting movements and changes Hightail was making. I wanted the opportunity to grow along with such a great company.

OO: Let’s dive in to some of your favorites. What is your favorite sports team?
MM: Derby County aka the Mighty rams

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OO: Your favorite mobile app?
MM: WhatsApp – it’s a great way for me to stay in touch with family in the UK and Italy.

OO: Your favorite past time?
MM: Keeping fit – I love going to the gym, running, and exercising in general.

OO: Favorite video game/ game in general growing up?
MM: 80s Arcade classics like Golden Axe, Star Wars

OO: Favorite coffee spot?
MM: Allpress Roastery Café, Redchurch St

OO: Favorite band/ artist?
MM: There’s really too many to mention. I have so many different influences. I’m music-agnostic, as long as it’s got a good beat.

OO: Favorite Device?
MM: Nexus 4 phone

OO: Whats your inspiration?
MM: Undoubtedly, my family.

OO: Any last words?
MM: Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!


  1. Jonathan

    5 years ago

    Certain parts of Elsevier publishing use HighTail Enterprise for transferring files between sites. It works really well and the integration with the desktop app (like Dropbox, wink, wink) is useful for quick sharing. Great to have some UK representation – good luck Mark.

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