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  • ProductivityPhoto of How to overcome 3 oh-so-human barriers to creative success

    How to overcome 3 oh-so-human barriers to creative success

    We’re in the middle of a content explosion driven by technology. When you can capture HD video on your phone and edit it with free software on your laptop, anyone can create half-decent content. Standing out from this content crowd requires breakthrough ideas and the touch of quality that comes…

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  • Team collaborationPhoto of A stitch in time: how to evolve your business to meet ever-changing customer needs

    A stitch in time: how to evolve your business to meet ever-changing customer needs

    I’m a guy who likes to sew; true story! A few months ago, I made a wallet based on the design of one I already owned but wanted to improve. I created a new pattern, carefully cut the material then stitched the pieces together making sure everything fit precisely so…

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  • Team collaborationPhoto of Tearing up the paper paradigm

    Tearing up the paper paradigm

    This is an updated version of this post, originally published in July 2015 Desktop. Document. Folder. Trash can. For more than 40 years, office-related metaphors have been central to our digital experience. This paper paradigm was popularized by the Xerox Star in 1981 and served the purpose of providing novice home…

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  • ProductivityPhoto of Put on a show: four tips for presenting your work

    Put on a show: four tips for presenting your work

    During the process of rebranding as Hightail, we worked with creative agency, Siegel+Gale, to replace our outdated moniker, YouSendIt. The agency has been responsible for changing Master Charge to MasterCard and named the BlackBerry, so we knew we were in good hands. After much research and discussion, a meeting was…

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  • Bringing project management to Hightail

    Using Spaces to collect feedback on visual files is just one facet of creative collaboration. You also need capabilities like task assignment, approvals, versioning and project dashboards to unify the entire creative process from concept to completion, which is why we’ve added a range of new project management features to Hightail. Until now,…

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  • Creative collaboration is going Spaces

    Today, I’m excited to announce the general release of Spaces, our new creative collaborative platform. Having launched a beta version of Spaces earlier in the year, we’re now ready to open it up to the wider world of creative professionals, from design firms and ad agencies to marketing departments and…

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  • Connect Spaces to Hightail

      Our latest beta release of Hightail Spaces is a big one for existing Hightail users. Now when you’re logged in to www.hightail.com, you can access Spaces directly from the main navigation bar and sign in using your Hightail username and password. You will also be able to upload files to…

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  • Five alternatives to meetings

    When I co-founded my startup PunchTab, one of the first things I did was institute a meetings rule. If you added an internal meeting to anyone’s calendar, it cost $1 per minute scheduled. That’s right – at PunchTab you had to pay to hold a meeting, with the fees going…

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  • Introducing Hightail Spaces

    Today I am excited to announce the beta release of Hightail Spaces, a new service that aims to solve the problem of creative collaboration. We’ve created a uniquely visual way for designers, photographers, video producers, marketers and other creative professionals to share work and get feedback from clients, managers and…

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  • The cloud storage business is dead (and that’s good for you)

    In the late 1800s, the new electric utility industry was a free-for-all. Direct current (DC) motors could only supply power to customers within a one-mile radius of the generating plant, so there was opportunity for many players to get in the game. When Samuel Insull took over as President of…

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