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Author: Deborah Holstein


Time for tech to play a role in the creative process

Yesterday I looked at how marketers too often focus time and energy on their relatively new automation and analytics tools to the exclusion of creative. Yet, it’s the latter – especially when you consider the power of visual content – that ultimately attracts and persuades the audiences our current marketing...

The power of creative in content marketing

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making today is focusing their already limited resources, time and energy on data and segmentation to the exclusion of creative. This is a mistake because creative is a critical part of your content marketing and needs an equal seat at the table….

Why the best content marketers are creating videos

I was recently blown away to learn that one of Hightail’s customers, a relatively small agency, was producing more than 100 videos this year for their client. Video content is now, indisputably, a cornerstone of great marketing. Animoto’s 2016 Social Video Marketing and Advertising Forecast – a report based on a survey…

What content marketers need to enhance collaboration

An amended version of this article was originally published on LinkedIn Marketing is one of the most collaborative and social functions in business. We have a myriad of external partners and vendors with whom we actively create and refine the written and visual content that comprises our programs and campaigns….

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