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2014 in Hightail illustrations

Colm Larkin

December 8, 2014

It is December, a time to look back on the year that was. Everywhere you look will be lists of the 50 favorite songs, top 10 movies and 47 best Buzzfeed listicles. So we decided to do our own review and revisit our fab Hightail illustrations.

Every week, we email our regular users and the message often features a custom-created image illustrating the feature we’re explaining or offer we’re promoting. Thanks to the creativity of our 2014 illustrators, Austin Petito and Dominic Flask, we can look back at vintage year of funny, stylish and smart images. Enjoy.

2014 Hightail email illustration: tracking

Explaining file tracking

2014 Hightail email illustration: Chinese New Year of the horse

This stylishly geometric horse helped us celebrate Chinese New Year.

2014 Hightail email illustration: return to sender

Explaining return receipts (but what’s the relevance of that West Hollywood address?)

2014 Hightail email illustration: Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, love has no limits (and nor should storage).

2014 Hightail email illustration Death Star

We announced that Professional plan users can share files up to 10GB, which equates to 140 3D architectural models of the Death Star.

2014 Hightail email illustration: animated password

Our first ever animated gif helps explain password protection. Click the image to see the animation.

2014 Hightail email illustration: St Patrick's Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as if Hightail was an Irish bar.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Guess Who

Use Verify Recipient Identity and don’t just Guess Who has access to your important files.

2014 Hightail email illustration: summer

In summer, use Hightail to work more effectively and get more beach time.

2014 Hightail email illustration: World Cup

During the World Cup our discount offer helped you SAVE.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Final word cloud

Our word cloud highlighted the most-used word used in filenames shared on Hightail.

2014 Hightail email illustration: return receipts

Here are all the things you used to need in order to get a return receipt.

2014 Hightail email illustration: back to school

It’s back to school time with an apple for the teacher and a Hightail discount offer.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Shinkansen express

Promoting Hightail Express: our bullet-train fast app, aka Shinkansen-d.

2014 Hightail email illustration: password cryptex

Know the code with our cryptic password protection illustration.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Swap Ideas Day

Celebrating Swap Ideas Day 2014.

2014 Hightail email illustration: fall leaves

An autumnal scene to celebrate the arrival of fall.

Hightail Halloween illustration

Did you spot the references to classic horror stories in our Halloween image?

2014 Hightail email illustration: passport

Verify Recipient Identity is your passport to control.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Movember

Soup strainer savings with our special Movember discount offer.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Thanksgiving dinner

Celebrating Thanksgiving with all our favorite foods.

2014 Hightail email illustration: Black Friday shopping cart

You’ve finished Black Friday shopping but your cart is still missing Hightail.

That’s it so far in 2014. We have a lot of fun creating these images and hope you enjoy receiving them every week.  Keep an eye on your inbox, or our Facebook and Twitter pages for more great illustrations to come.

Check out our recent interview with one of our illustrators: Meet DangerDom.


  1. Patrancas

    4 years ago

    Nice images!!! Have a wonderful 2015!! Hope to see more of these along next year :)

  2. Ben Sanders

    4 years ago

    As a illustrator myself I have really enjoyed the clever and stylish illustrations this year. You bring potentially mundane concepts to life with with colour and a bit of a twist. Well done Hightail, Austin and Dominic for brightening my inbox each week. Cheers Ben!


    4 years ago

    Excellent combination of colours spirit and design. I mean a technoartsymbolic synthesis. Congratulations!

  4. Geoff Naylor

    4 years ago

    Nice, clean illustrations with a clear ‘icon’ feel about them. ‘Smart’ – as you call them yourself – is a very good description.
    Maybe next year something different; something totally different? More varied perhaps? More adventurous, looser, rougher?

  5. Alvaro Salas

    4 years ago

    Just beautiful!

  6. Pam Rice

    4 years ago

    These would make a great printed calendar! :-)

  7. Colm

    4 years ago

    Ben Sanders: Thanks for your comments. Brightening your inbox is exactly what we’re trying to do with every email. Also, I checked out your website and your work is fantastic.

    Everyone else: if you like great illustration, check out

  8. Colm

    4 years ago

    Geoff Naylor: Next year, we’ll be working with a new illustrator and the plan is to introduce a new style. We’re excited to see what’s going to happen. Thanks for your kind comments.

  9. Ben Sanders

    4 years ago

    Thanks very much for the link and kind comments Colm! Looking forward to the new look next year too!

  10. kevin tikalsky

    4 years ago

    The Prune Yard Place???
    what is the relevance of that address in west Hollywood??
    does anyone care to share??
    see 3rd illustration.

  11. Sheri Wood

    4 years ago

    These illustrations are so fun. Thanks for taking the time to create beautiful graphics to accompany your newsletters!

  12. John Fedoroff

    4 years ago

    What? Your thinking of changing the illustration style? I can honestly say I actually looked at all of your emails this past year with eager anticipation hoping to see a new display of illustration mastery. I figured that style was part of your brand and we’d see it for years to come. Thanks for putting everything on your blog so we can see all of the great work in one place! BTW, while we’re nominating illustrators…I’d like to put in a good word for Greg Clarke at

  13. Alan

    4 years ago

    Love these illustrations. Some would look great on a tshirt; hint, hint :)

  14. Frank McGrath

    4 years ago

    Maybe I could get some of my work in there

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