This week in content marketing: visuals appeal

Colm Larkin

January 13, 2017

In a week of dodgy dossiers and accusations of “FAKE NEWS”, we looked elsewhere for our intelligence, including these three articles on using visuals in content marketing

Stat attack

Venngage is an infographics creation app so you’d expect them to be good at presenting data in a visually appealing way. And that’s just what they’ve done with the results of their survey on how marketers use visuals in content marketing.

Find out how much more visual content marketers are producing (increased by 130% from 2015-16), their biggest struggle (producing engaging visuals consistently) and much more in this beautiful infographic.


This infographic was made with the graphic design tool Venngage.

Work on your image

One of the reasons why producing engaging visuals consistently is difficult is that most marketers aren’t graphic designers and often make basic mistakes when creating or reviewing images for social campaigns.

Visual Content Specialist, Nadya Khoja was recently struck by an image she came across in her Twitter feed and used it to highlight four smart and simple ways that it could have been made more effective.

For your consideration

Dror Ginzberg, the co-founder of video creation platform, Wochit, recently highlighted research showing that online video advertising is as effective as a TV commercial, but of course, is available at a fraction of the cost.

You do need to make sure your online video is good enough to stand out and Ginzberg shares four things that brands and marketers should know about producing video content.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.