This week in content marketing: 2017 predictions

Colm Larkin

December 22, 2016

“So here it is, Merry Christmas. Everybody’s having fun. Look to the future now, it’s only just begun.”

Like 70s glam rockers Slade, we’re here to wish you a happy holiday and to look to the future with three of the best 2017 content marketing predictions we read this week.

Redefining digital

The Edelman Digital trends predictions for 2017 is out and AdWeek analyzed how its vision of next year will affect marketers. From increasing emphasis on conversational experiences and influencer marketing to more immersive content using VR and augmented reality, it seems interesting times lie ahead.

The overall takeaway is that whatever you do, your content will have to “dazzle us in multiple dimension, seeking to stand apart from the crowd.” No pressure then – hope you have a great creative process in place.

We all scream for more screens

We’ve talked a lot throughout the year about how video is so important to content marketing, so these 8 predictions for digital video in 2017 caught our eye.

In keeping with Edelman’s trends, messaging and immersive experiences could begin to dominate the world of video. But the key to success will be creating great user experiences in both content and delivery.

Social seventeen 

Social Media Today also laid out its vision for the coming year, naturally with a social slant. Along with the trends covered above, personalization will be the key way to let customers know they matter to you.

Also coming is increased accountability as content marketers will be asked to produce hard metrics that show whether their campaigns were successful. Effective content creation and rapid-fire testing will be critical.

Those are some of most interesting predictions we saw this week. What do you think will happen in 2017?