Visual content is…hard

Colm Larkin

January 19, 2017

So far we’ve seen why visual content is powerful and how the most successful businesses do it everyday. But there is a reason why not every organization is getting the most from its content marketing.

Marketers may know that they should be using visual content to get the best results, but creating great images, videos and infographics isn’t a simple process.

Here are 4 reasons why visual content is hard (along with one way to make it easier).


Fortunately, help is at hand for all content marketing teams feeling the pressure of the crushing demand for visual content creation. Improving how your extended teams – from internal designers and stakeholders to external contractors and agencies – collaborate will dramatically reduce how long it takes to get content to market and help boost the quality of your work.

See how Hightail enhanced creative collaboration for three brands, including Polycom and MiTek.

Discover a better way to create visual content

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