Tool tips with Kirstin Veltman


May 8, 2015

Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Site Operations Manager, Kirstin Veltman.

Kirstin VeltmanWorking tool
As manager of the Site Operations team, notification and escalation of alerts from our monitoring systems is critical. PagerDuty allows me to easily manage on-call schedules for the team as well as ensure that escalation of alerts are properly handled, when necessary. It’s an easy to use application that integrates with many different monitoring services and also provides reporting so you can track the handling of alerts.

I enjoy participating in social networks, particularly Tumblr. You can find pretty much anything you’re interested in and many very intelligent people blog there. One of the main things I like about the site is the ability to have engaging conversations with people about a variety of subjects, especially socially active and conscious discussions. While the demographic tends to skew to a younger audience, people of all ages use it.

General resource
On Twitter, I follow @Vice and one of their subaccounts @Motherboard, which focuses on tech, science and humanity. Vice is an investigative journalism organization that writes about a broad range of topics. For example, recently, Motherboard had a week focused on simulations and virtual worlds, both what is created by humans and the possibility of our own reality being a simulation. Articles on Vice and Motherboard often go more in depth on subjects than what the major news agencies typically go into, but they also run articles that are short, human interest stories, so you get a wide variety of stories to read.

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