Tool tips with Kiersten Lammerding

Kiersten Lammerding

August 27, 2015

Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Principal UX Designer, Kiersten Lammerding.

Kiersten LammerdingWorking tools
For me, integrations and shortcuts are where it’s at. I love anything that makes my workflow quicker, easier and involving fewer steps. While there are far more robust prototyping tools out there, Marvel is still my go-to for quick, rapid prototypes. I love the integration with Sketch, which lets me export directly to update a Marvel prototype. My esteemed colleague David Louie shared an awesome plugin with me that allows me to select images directly from Instagram.

I’ve come to love and rely on my Jawbone Up band. Work can make managing personal time and health a challenge, so I like that the Up band app provides reminders and tips that are well timed and keep me on track. It also syncs nicely with many other fitness apps and products (told you I like integrations). For pure fun, Monument Valley is visually stunning and one of my favorite lateral thinking puzzle apps.

General Resources
Panda is a Chrome plugin that defaults any new tab to the latest design news and inspiration. It sources stories and images from Dribbble, design publications, prototyping tool blogs and more. Just this morning, I found a nice article on font pairing. It’s fast becoming my biggest distraction.

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