Tool tips with Justin Fiedler

Justin Fiedler

February 20, 2015

Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and resources. Next up is Staff Software Engineer, Justin Fiedler.

Justin Fielders' tool tips

Working tool
As a software engineer I can’t imagine a day in the office without IntelliJ – my IDE (integrated development environment) of choice. IntelliJ provides a wide range of built-in productivity tools, such as autocomplete and real-time error checking, that make development faster and easier. This allows me to focus on creating an amazing application rather than crossing t’s and dotting my lower case j’s. For anything that IntelliJ doesn’t support out of the box there is also a vast library of plugins for everything from web development to task management. A big thank you to JetBrains for creating such a great product!

I recently purchased a smart watch and I have been using Music Boss for Wear ever since. It’s a wrist-based remote control for all my media. I use it while driving to skip to the next song on Spotify. At home I can control Netflix without having to find the remote. On weekends, paired with some bluetooth headphones, I can go mountain biking with my favorite songs, no phone required. The best part is since all the controls are simple gestures I don’t need to look at or even see my watch to use it.

General resource
I love technology and cannot get enough of it. I think it is incredible to see what people, both individuals and society, are capable of achieving. For this reason I love Reddit’s Futurology sub. Whether it’s force fields keeping the dust off solar panels, NASA sending a nuclear submarine to explore one of Saturn’s moons or new cell phone batteries that can fully charge in 10 mins, I am constantly astounded by what is possible and what is yet to come.

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