Tool tips with Chen Fang

Chen Fang

March 29, 2016

Chen Fang Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Software Engineer, Chen Fang.

Working tool
Carpenter needs his shining saw. Blacksmith loves his rocky hammer. But what does a typical software engineer have aside from a disciplined smart brain and ten endlessly exercised fingers? An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that can handle any of the problems I’m likely to encounter on a daily basis, of course. IntelliJ IDEA prevents you from switching back and forth between different tools. Need a terminal? There’s one built in. Need to test your war file in a tomcat? IntelliJ does that too. Need to run some awesome gradle script? There’s a tool window with all the shortcuts for you. A code warrior deserves a magical IDE. IntelliJ IDEA is the ultimate weapon.

Feedly is an app that helps gather interesting content from RSS subscriptions. It’s one stop for all the news that I want as soon as it’s published. Feedly, like its name, completely satisfies my hunger for daily reading.

General resource
How to catch up with daily changing technology? Simply follow all those pioneers in any field in which you’re interested. Where to find those fields? is a website that posts which stack of technologies are chosen by all the unicorn companies. Don’t know where to find all those pioneers who are using those latest technologies? Go to Github where all of the well-documented open source projects are there with their honorable society contributors waiting to answer your basic, foolish but necessary questions. Don’t forget to contribute back. We call that the positive loop of the world of sharing.