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Creative is complicated (infographic)

Taking a creative idea from concept to completion is never a straightforward journey. This infographic shows just how messy creative collaboration can be and how Hightail simplifies the process. For more information on how Hightail can enhance creative collaboration at your marketing organization, visit www.hightail.com.

The precise is right: the power of PipPoint™ comments

“Our communication process with clients was cumbersome. There was a lot of talk around the exact part of the design they had feedback on.” Anya McManis – Founder, AMCS Marketing “Getting feedback used to involve a lot of administration. We spent a lot of time making sure we were discussing…

Why UPPERFIRST says hallelujah to Hightail

UPPERFIRST is a Swedish video production and motion graphics studio. Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Erik Arheden talks to us about lifting the quality of film, why the script is always their blueprint and his hallelujah moment with Hightail. We wanted to lift the quality of film in Sweden UPPERFIRST was…

Advice from 10 video production professionals

Are you interested in making your next video project more effective? We asked 10 producers, directors and more for their advice on making it in the world of video production. From focusing on the story to being cost conscious, these 10 tips will be useful for anyone involved in making a…