Hightail illustrations: 2015 part 1

Colm Larkin

April 6, 2015

Each week we send an email to our regular users with feature information, discount offers and interesting things to read. We often include an illustration specially created for these emails and we thought it’d be fun to showcase what’ve we come up with so far this year.

Big thanks to our illustrators Dominic Flask and Luke Bott for their excellent work. To see more Hightail illustrations, check out our 2014 roundup.

Happy holidays illustration by Dominic FlaskOne from late last year: holiday greetings and a beautiful snow globe. Illustration by Dominic Flask.

Back to the Future 2 illustration by Dominic FlaskRinging in 2015 with some Back to the Future Part II references. Illustration by Dominic Flask.

Productivity illustration by Luke Bott Extra arms could make you more productive, but Hightail is probably easier. Illustration by Luke Bott.

File tracking illustration by Luke Bott

Is file tracking on your radar? Illustration by Luke Bott.

Valentine's Day illustration by Luke Bott

A Valentine’s Day card for you. Illustration by Luke Bott.

Cabin fever illustration by Luke Bott

If you had cabin fever, we offered a cure for your winter blues. Illustration by Luke Bott.

Password protection illustration by Luke BottPssst…don’t mention password protection (or Spy vs. Spy). Illustration by Luke Bott.

St. Patrick's Day illustration by Luke Bott

A pint for Paddy’s Day. Illustration by Luke Bott.

Spring illustration by Luke BottWelcoming springtime. Illustration by Luke Bott.

That’s it so far for 2015. Keep an eye on your inbox, follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page for more great illustrations to come. To learn more about the illustrators, read our interview with Dominic Flask and check out Luke’s Bott website.

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