Friday’s favorite things: September 18th

Colm Larkin

September 18, 2015

Every Friday we round up some of our favorite finds on the web, from illustrations and videos to fonts and photography. This week, you’ll find us in the club.

Shakin’ not stirred
Our selection of DJ mixes was inspired by Hightail’s own resident DJ, Roger Mendoza. When he’s not helping educate our users and solve their issues as a Customer Support Rep, Roger gets behind the decks and, as Roger Moorehouse, unleashes a sublime selection of house tunes, like this lush mix.

Shakin' Not Stirred mix by Roger Moorehouse


On his Twitter profile, Marc MacLeod describes himself as a “reformed VC and seasoned CFO” before adding another initialism, DJ. It’s an unusual combination but MacLeod shows that he’s got the skills to pay the bills on this so money tech house mix.

Deepcast mix by Marc MacLeod

Bunker beats
The Bunker is a Brooklyn-based club night that explores a range of dancefloor genres far beyond the day-glo drop beats of EDM. If you can’t make it to one of the twice-monthly events, the regular podcast is a great place to get a taste, like this deep, dark techno mix by Clay Wilson.

The Bunker podcast mix by Clay Wilson

What did you hear this week that grabbed your attention? Feel free to share your favorite finds in the comments section below.

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