Friday’s favorite things: May 27th

Colm Larkin

May 27, 2016

Every Friday we round up some of our favorite finds on the web, from illustrations and videos to fonts and photography. This week, we got all touchy-feely with some classy claymation.

We need to talk about Kevin
Meet Kevin, the creation of Claymation animator Michael Parks and his team at The Claything Channel. Kevin is the star of a series of stop motion shorts made for Copic Marker that explore the uniqueness and fun of clay animation. In this video, Kevin gets a face.

Life of clay
David Attenborough, the venerable presenter of classic British nature documentaries, is 90 this year. To celebrate, four-times Oscar-winning animation studio, Aardman created three funny short films that present the animals’ impressions of their encounters with much-loved naturalist.

Those Xenomorphs from the Alien films are typically nasty brutes with nothing but murder on their minds. But animator Mr Oz show their jauntier side in his fabulous claymation, ALIEN Dances. You’ll never see those movies in the same light again after watching this.

Seen a great claymation you’d like to share? Add your links in the comments section below.

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