Email just got a little smarter


August 15, 2014

With all the buzz in the news around cloud collaboration solutions I know it is hard to believe that email is still the number one form of sharing and storing files for business professionals. On any given workday there are about 108.8 billion business emails sent/received and many of those emails have file attachments. That is a lot of data and information that isn’t easy to find or engage with once you receive it.

Sharing/editing/searching files becomes exponentially more difficult once you are on the go. Smartphone penetration is surpassing 68% in the US allowing the flexibility for more business savvy users to check email through their mobile devices. In most cases, a mobile user has to wait until they get back to their office to edit or take action on the file attachments they receive in their mobile inbox. However, if those attachments were automatically put into their cloud storage accounts, the files could be viewed, edited or shared right from your mobile device.



Currently, it takes numerous steps to get file attachments to your cloud storage accounts. At Ooberdocs, we make getting email file attachments to your cloud service seamless. Ooberdocs links your email to the top cloud storage providers, allowing a copy of incoming email attachments to be sent automatically into your cloud account.

Think of Ooberdocs as a traffic controller for your inbox, guiding each attachment in the right direction. Whether it’s a digital receipt from Best Buy or important brief documents from your client, those files should be deposited in you cloud storage account for easy organization and safekeeping. Ooberdocs is the trusted cloud service making that happen.

Ooberdocs now connects with Hightail. To ensure all your incoming email attachments are added to your Hightail folders automatically, join Ooberdocs for free today.