Coffee with: Swaminathan Seetharaman


May 8, 2014

Name: Swaminathan Seetharamanswamy seetharama hightail
Hometown: Bangalore, India
College: Bharathiar University
Title: General Manager of Hightail India

Hightail has recently expanded its international presence with a technology development center in India. Leading our awesome engineering team at our Bangalore office is the General Manager for Hightail India, Swaminathan Seetharaman, or Swamy as he likes to be known. We caught up with him on a recent stateside visit to talk about his inspirations, guilty pleasures and rocking a synth.

Ofunne Okwudiafor: How did you get into engineering and technology?
Swaminathan Seetharaman: I was inspired and, to an extent, bullied by my siblings. Being the youngest in the family, I was influenced by the fact that my siblings were doing really well in the field of engineering and technology.

OO: What made you decide Hightail was for you?
SS: There were a few things actually. I felt that the company values, Be In, Be Real and Be Bold, were values that I could instantly relate to and see in the employees that I met. I was completely convinced by the pedigree of the leadership team. The opportunity to work in the cloud space was also a big draw for me. With the industry taking the world by storm, being at the right place at the right time made a lot of sense. And, this is honestly a great opportunity. Setting up an Indian engineering center from the ground up is exciting. Empowerment coupled with greater responsibility has always been a stimulus for me.

OO: Who inspires you?
SS: Lot of people, I think everyone has something unique and special about them and I specifically look for that. But, at large, I derive my inspirations to a large extent from my mother, my wife and the writer Stephen Covey.

OO: What’s the last book you read?
SS: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni.

OO: Favorite device?
SS: I love exploring music gadgets like Harpejji, Continuum and iPad apps related to music production. Touch gestures supported by iPad for music related apps have been revolutionary and have thrown open some interesting possibilities at an affordable price

OO: Favorite sports team?
SS: The Indian cricket team. I have been closely watching them for decades now.

OO: Favorite mobile app?
SS: Morphwiz. I use it while travelling and it helps to express musical ideas in an unconventional way. I have even used the app when playing live shows.

OO: Favorite hobby?
SS: Playing synth. I play in a rock band – here’s a shameless plug.

OO: Guilty pleasure?
SS: Ice cream for sure.

OO: Favorite movie?
SS: Cast Away

OO: Any last words?
SS: Leave a legacy!

Very important words Swamy. Keep up with our team in India by following @HightailIndia on Twitter.